Theatrical Alliance of Florida
Local Theater, World Stage

What is theater?

Theater is History…

Every cultural in every age has had theater.  From the great tragedies of the Greek world to the tradition of kabuki to the modern follies of Neil Simon, theater unites us, as a world, to our history, to our future.

Theater is Social Conscience…

When others have not dared playwrights and theater companies have,

Sophocles explored our own choices and their consequences,

Molière dared to tell the truth of French aristocracy,

Lorraine Hansberry tackled racial division.

Plays tell us the truth of our societies. 


Plays are our conscience when we need it most.


The theater is the mirror that reflects back what we need to see.

Theater is magical…

Theater takes us away and makes us believe. Theater pulls you in and makes you are part of its world. Theater is the magic in the ordinary, life only bigger, emotion only stronger, our stories only shared.


Theater is community…

This is why it is important to be involved. Support your local theater.